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CryptX Investments was founded in early 2021, with the initial goal of being a mining business dedicated in-house cryptocurrency mining for business profits only. 

It didn't take long after watching the market expand so quickly along with our profits that the founders of the business made the decision to give the general public the same ability to jump into the cryptocurrency investing boom by offering them the chance to not only mine cryptocurrency, but own their very own mining rigs and become investors into the future of the financial market without any hassle.



CryptX can help you understand the market, understand how it works and assist you in starting your cryptocurrency path. We can build and manage your cryptocurrency mining rig straight from our safe and secure locations, so you do not have to worry about whether or not you are making money each day on your investment. You do not have to worry about what happens if your internet drops or how much your electricity bill will rise each month. We take care of all of that hassle and worry for you. We are here to help the public understand and invest into the future of finances with cryptocurrency in the form of owning their very own mining rigs for personal investments, adding to their current retirement plans for compensation, or business looking to diversify their investments. 



Our vision is a future where Cryptocurrency is the main form of currency. No more dirty, paper cash or coins. All virtual, yet all real, un-trackable forms of currency. Buy from anywhere in the world without worrying about how much your dollar converts to their dollar amount.


Tony Dupuy



Steven Theriot


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